Jon Wilson

I have come to realize that I am mostly interested in everything the modern secular world has repressed. In what it has neglected, forgotten, ignored or denied. In what it has banned from the so-called normal world. Like the inner life, and the poetic basis of mind and the creative instinct. Like the soul and the sacred. Like the mythic and the poetic imagination, along with things like the feminine, the earth, the body and nature.

And as we move into a brave new Post Industrial world, I find the need to speculate on these things, but I am not sure if speculation, itself, might also have been banned in the one-sided dominant culture where functionality reigns. Anyway, since smoking weed and listening to Pink Floyd, as a youth, I have read Carl Jung, and he said that Modern Man(or Woman) is in a search for the soul. Which doesn’t really surprise me, after all of that industrial efficiency.

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