From Jan Darwin Hutchins

Shamans have long understood the truth of our existence and have created fertility, death, and birth rites, healing practices, and initiation ceremonies that reflect the belief that HUMANS are first and foremost spiritual beings. Our modern culture, absent the influence of these ancient practices, has succumbed to a singular identity with our physical being to the great diminishment of our spiritual side and a corresponding sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

Shamans understood and valued the empowerment wrought from spiritual practices and they assisted people in maintaining a close association with the spirit world, the source of healing and strength. A life lived solely in identity with the physical body is destined to focus on the harshest conditions that intrude most powerfully on our thinking.

Stress, DEPRESSION, failure, pain, and illness are forceful disorders that, in the physical body, can push aside thoughts of joy, contentment, and love. Reconnecting to our spiritual being allows us to restore the excellence of our true nature. That which was accomplished in ancient shamanic practices can be achieved again, if we can find again the spirit of the shaman and if we make the choice to act with the power that is within us.

In addition to our own separation from our true self, this perception of our living only as physical beings contributes to our separation from others. In the spiritual realm, we are connected to all other beings in a cosmic unity that increases our personal power and allows us to pass beyond our ego into an alignment with all existence. In this state of being we can realize our full connection to others and overcome the artificial separation from nature and the spirit realm that is so common to our current reality.

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