The failure to recognize the Always Already,
This Never Not Now,
Causes you to seek in all the wrong directions.
A path to Here or a path to Now is
A path away from Here and Now.
Whatever begins as an aid
Ultimately becomes an obstacle.
Chasing after something to be delivered
in some imagined future is
A movement away in this very moment.

When the mind disengages from the world,
It slows down.
Also disengaged from imagination,
It comes to a standstill.
This is its inherent nature.
New adaptations of existence will then
Naturally come into being.

It is the allowing of What-Is to be without
Adding dramatizations to it.
Realize this for yourself and live accordingly.
Just as water remains nothing but water
Regardless of the shape of the container,
This essence is the same
Regardless of what it is contained in.


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