Michael Meade

On Fate & Destiny ~

Fate may involve the earthly limitations of our “lot in life,” but destiny, from the Latin, destinare, implies that we are also of the stars. The sense of each soul being star-born appears in ancient astrology, but also surfaces in modern astrophysics. Theories of the Big Bang include the notion that we all carry within us a bit of the original exploding star. Each of us is secretly tied to the stars, both star-born and star-bound, each a bit of a star in our own way.

Destiny involves an irreversible process of becoming from within. Becoming one’s true self means revealing one’s innate genius. Our destiny sets us apart from others and places us in proximity of our natural genius. The old meaning of genius refers to the “spirit that is already there,” the inborn spirit that enters the world with each child born.

The native genius residing within our souls bears the innate gifts and talents we each bring to the world. The soul must be limited by fate, but it arrives gifted and aimed and dedicated to fulfilling its original agreement to contribute something meaningful to lifeā€¦

When we tolerate the growing pains and trust in something as yet unseen, the constrictions of fate can open in ways that allow us to give the innate gifts carried by the soul. In doing so, the individual soul becomes reconnected to its divine origins and can serve as a model for others to become themselves.

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