Colin E Davis

Your genius will be accepted to the degree you accept your Self. Meaning, to the degree your capital S “Self” can thrive in the mind-body ecosystem you call “me”. The clarification of your mind-body ecosystem is the process of Self acceptance, which is also called alchemy to hermeticists. Alchemy is a tradition of esoteric knowledge which deals in archetypal fundamentals; a priori truths to be applied holistically (self and world). Alchemy as a tradition, as a method, as a western yoga, is up to cultural interpretation, but the Work it describes is nature’s own process of clarification, evolution or transformation. She is using it all around us. We are not inventing the alchemical science, we are deriving it from nature. The process is always bigger, more complex and more simple than we imagine, so we stay in the question eternally, listening, watching and applying the maxim “As Above. So Below”. Alchemists are artistic scientists of the mind. They balance the right and left brain, the mystery with history, the logos and the mythos, the dark and the light, masculine and feminine and on an on. We stay in the fire of contradiction, the conjunction oppositorum. Flowery descriptions of the Work protect it, but as the aspirant quickly finds, the Work is for spiritual warriors only. Warriors become lovers in time, but without the drive, persistence and strategic focus of the warrior, the aspirant will falter on the path and turn back to the comfortable lethargy of the Matrix.

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