From David Backes

State-sponsored human trafficking. And as government inspectors said last month, the scale most likely is THOUSANDS more children than the Trump Administration has previously admitted. So big a scale of human trafficking that the Administration now says (link in comments) that it is impractical to return all these stolen children to their parents. The Trumpists even claim that the children have been with their American families so long that it would cause them psychological harm to return to the parents from whom we stole them.

Raw evil. It makes me sick to my stomach. And yet there are still those “Christians” who claim Trump is “pro-life.” Somehow I doubt that even his state sponsored human trafficking–ripping children from their mothers and fathers and giving them away to fake parents–will change their minds. (After all, stealing brown- and black-skinned children away from their parents has received government and Christian approval from Colonial days right up into modern times, in the case of Native children.) Another example of how Christianity has become poisoned in America, little but a thinly veiled cover of “moral respectability” while basking in the worship of empire.

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